In 1874 the Mary Celeste set sail from New York for Italy. In the ship there was the captain, his wife and daughter, the crew, and a cargo. They were never seen again, however the ship was found adrift, and there were no signs of foul play.

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What COULD have really happened?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Gemma!
What I think that happened with the Mary Celeste and its crew is that they saw a pirate's ship in the distance and decided to go away with the life boats better than be killed by the pirates. Then the direction of the wind changed and their boats went to the pirate's ship direction, so the pirates saw and catched them to be their servants.

Júlia Turró

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I think that de boat was crashed with a pirate boat, then, this crash desenvolpuped a war into the celestina vs pirate boat, and the pirate boat win.

Anonymous said...


My opinion about this interesting story is that one day, a big storm started and it destroyed the ship and the crew. It is possible because the ships of that times weren't like the actuals, and at that times was so easy that one ship was destroyed for the water. The crew died into the water and never nobody knew anything. I am not sure about it but I think that this is a interesting explication for this strange story.



Anonymous said...

Hi Gemma.
I think that the crew went away with life boats, because if any life boat was found in the ship... no?
But also, it's a misterious what happened to theese life boats they could scape. I think they didn't found any island and because the weather or some conditions like sharks or other, they never have left the sea.


Xavier said...


I think that the crew become crazy and they drank all the alcohol and after they started fighting and finally they fell down to the water. After a week in the water, they arrived in a desert island where some cannibal tribes cook them and they eat her bodies. I think that happened in this way because it is a very probable option and this explain that her bodies are diapeared.

Xavier Ros

Anonymous said...


I believe they were afraid to something happen to the ship, like an explosion, and with prevention, they evacuated the ship, but as in the ocean has many storms, unfortunately, their boat turned over and all of them died drowned in the depths of the ocean. The explanation for the ship to reach his destination, was because the ship had working sails. So, I think it was an accident.

Maura Silva 4t A

Anonymous said...

I didn't understand very well the history but I think the weather is bad and the tripulation couldn't control the ship and the ship sank!

Laura Juncà

Anonymous said...

My opinion about this history mysterious is: this family was sailing for Ocean Atlantic but one day was starting a big storm and the bad sea and the ship of them was filling the water and the family took life boat and they decided threw at the sea for go to island that there were a 1500 milles and they could survive. But this family, nobody didn’t know nothing and the people that lived in island said that they saw a life boats in next to the rocks in the beach. And the people for island think that this family and the other tripulation were died in the sea.

Nuri Galí Bellapart
4rt A

Anonymous said...

Coming to New York there was a tempest, it was a incapable to dominate the strong surge, a wave triumphed everything, the crew members, the captain and her family were direct to the water, did not survive all, the captain unfortunately died drowned,her wife and daughter and other crew members, they survived, came to an island where there was nothing.
They survived thanks to a boat that stayed there, between the waves, broken way. But they did not last very much, they were feeding of fruits that they were gathering from the trees, some days later they died.